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Master of Arts

Theological Studies

Develop your ability to interpret and teach Scripture on behalf of the church in a worldwide, multiethnic, multigenerational Christian community.

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44 credits, online & Part time options

Customize Your Seminary Degree

The Master of Arts in Theological Studies at Northeastern Seminary develops your ability to interpret and teach Scripture on behalf of the church and strengthens your spiritual participation in a worldwide, multiethnic, multigenerational Christian community.

This 2-year 44-credit program is for those who want to understand and interpret scripture with a worldwide perspective. With classes starting in three semesters every year, you can complete this degree in 2 years or less. If you feel a calling toward academic Biblical study, with many of our Theological Studies students pursuing a Ph.D. afterward.

Need flexibility as a working adult? Our program is designed to fit around your ministry and work with online and evening classes. This degree can be completed fully online or a combination of online and in-person at our campus in Rochester, NY.

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Engage with Scripture and Christian history

How can you tailor your Biblical studies to your interests?

The Master’s in Theological Studies program gives our students the opportunity to engage with Scripture and Christian history with the objective of developing their skills as theological scholars, in addition to exploring how God’s word resonates in a modern, diverse world. Whether you join the Seminary online or on-campus, you will experience engaging theology courses and probe deeper into Biblical languages and interpretation, with all your coursework being Biblically based, expertly taught, and holistically supported.

Centered around Biblical scholarship, our Theological Studies program would enhance a variety of education-focused Christian vocations including theology professor, Christian educator, pastor, church leader, chaplain, and missionary. In particular, this degree develops habits, attitudes, and skills including:

  • A commitment to becoming an interpreter who is formed and sustained by hearing God’s voice through Scripture.
  • Understanding of the Bible within its cultural and historical contexts.
  • Understanding of the history of doctrinal formation and how it informs biblical interpretation.
  • The ability to identify contemporary cultural and social concerns and the way they are illuminated and critiqued by the Gospel.
  • An aptitude for preaching and teaching Scripture and a commitment to the education of new generations in the faith.

Master of Arts Program Tuition

Cost for Theological Studies

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Total Program
Sticker Price: $24,420

Less than 15% of students
pay this amount

98% of students who applied
for a scholarship received one

What Are Students and Alum Saying About Their Studies?

At Northeastern Seminary, I developed my ability to think critically about theology from Genesis to Revelation, to the early church, to the Reformation, but also for a life of ministry today. It gives you the chance to think about theology from a broad perspective.

Torrance Jones, Assistant Professor of Business & Criminal Justice at Houghton College

Northeastern Seminary is a resource for pastors who are doing more than preach on Sunday morning. It is for those who are ministering and fill the social and economic voids of their community. Their programs teach the church to be the body of Christ by serving those who are struggling financially, the families that are split, the homeless youth, the drug addicted, and to respond to issues that go beyond knowing how to preach a sermon."

Kayleigh Schumske, M.Div. ’16


We provide a theological education that is built upon the foundation of a deep, sustained engagement with biblical and historic Christianity.

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Our program includes the opportunity to gain ministry experience that fits your vocational objectives and conduct advanced research in theological scholarship. The open-ended course structure for this degree allows you to specialize your degree with a focused elective competency, or you may create your own academic focus by selecting courses from multiple concentrations. The specialized elective competencies of this master’s degree are Biblical Studies, Christian Spirituality, Historical Theology, Denominational Studies, or a research area of your choosing.

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