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25 Give 1 Campaign

Scholarship Collective

TWO have already committed! Will you be one of the others needed to provide a fully funded scholarship?

This year, Northeastern Seminary is celebrating 25 years of theological education. That’s 25 years of students from all backgrounds coming together to have a transformative education in the ecumenical setting that only exists because of your support- our praying and giving community.

You typically receive information about Northeastern Seminary Day of Giving this time of the year. We have decided to combine it with Roberts Day of Giving in March, so you will have an opportunity to support the Seminary then, but we also have an exciting opportunity you can support today!

The reality is, many of our students experience a call to theological studies before they understand how they're going to pay for it, and we want to alleviate the barriers to a church or community leader beginning their education.

We knew you wouldn’t want to miss out on the impact you can have on our students, especially those beginning this January. As you plan for year-end gifts to Northeastern, we wanted to provide you with two options. 

  • The 25 Give 1 Campaign is aimed to make a difference in 1 student's life in honor of our anniversary year. We are asking 25 people to give $100 a month for 1 year so that we can promise ONE full-ride scholarship to someone pursuing a master of arts degree. Able to give more each month? The quicker this scholarship is established the greater impact it will have on the enrollment at the seminary.
  • Can’t quite give $100/ month for twelve months? Designate your gift to 25 Give 1, and we will pair you up with someone who can. In the short time we have launched this campaign, we have two people who have made this commitment. Are you one of our remaining 23 people needed to make this happen? Make your gift today!

Join the Collective!

Be sure to choose the designation for your giving, whether the 25 Give 1 Campaign, the Northeastern Fund, etc.