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Find a partner in your vision for ministry

Within your community, women and men sense the prompting of the Holy Spirit to fulfill their purpose, but they are uncertain of how to pursue that call. As a disciple-maker, you recognize the need to train these individuals, but the demands of your ministry limit your opportunities to apprentice and equip them. Northeastern Seminary is ready to partner with you to equip your community for service.

Your partner in leadership development

By becoming an institutional partner with Northeastern Seminary, you can provide developing leaders in your community with the biblical and leadership training they need for faithful and effective service to the church and the world.

Choose from a robust library of courses to provide your community members with the instruction they need to achieve your organization’s goals and requirements for leadership. You may formalize this course of study in a top-quality, Masters-level certificate or customized Master's degree designed specifically for their ministry context.

Certificate Partners

You can create a custom certificate, allowing members of your community to receive accredited, graduate-level theological and ministry training through a unique course of study. You will:

Current certificate partners include:

Degree Partners

You can customize the elective competency requirement of the Northeastern Seminary Master of Divinity or Master of Arts programs, allowing members of your community to supplement or fulfill educational requirements for ordination or ministry. You will:

  • Select six Master’s level courses from the curriculum.
  • Formalize your chosen courses into a custom course of study to fulfill the elective competency requirement for the Master of Divinity or Theological Studies degree.

Current degree partners include:

Certificate and degree courses may be completed online or onsite in Rochester, NY

If you are interested in becoming a degree or certificate partner, complete the form to receive more information on the partner program.

You can also receive the latest news on upcoming conferences and events when you subscribe to the Seminary mailing list, or let Northeastern Seminary come to you by scheduling a distinguished faculty member as a speaker for your next event.

Affiliate Partners

Northeastern Seminary is proud to have partnered with local and regional ministries to support program options for those seeking non-degree education, including:

  • New H.O.P.E. Bible Institute
  • Rochester Bible Institute
  • Sound of the Genuine Biblical Institute