What We Believe



Rooted in biblical and historic Christian faith, Northeastern Seminary prepares Christ-centered men and women for faithful, effective ministry to the church and the world.


The vision of Northeastern Seminary is to be a vibrant source for Christian theological formation whose students are formed in a biblical vision of gracious Christianity and impart wholeness to the world in an expansive array of vocations and contexts. 

Core Values

Rootedness We provide a theological education that is built upon the foundation of a deep, sustained engagement with biblical and historic Christianity.
Responsiveness We equip our students to practice ministry that is wisely and faithfully responsive to the constantly changing contexts of our culture and world.
Respect-filled community We affirm and learn from each person in our richly-diverse community of faith, regardless of such distinctives as denominational affiliation, ethnicity, gender, or age.
Scholarship We value the life of the mind, so we offer a carefully-designed, intentionally-integrated academic program that cultivates an aptitude for faithful theological reflection about the most central questions of life and ministry.
Spiritual formation We affirm that the indispensable foundation for Christian ministry is a vital relationship with God through Christ, and so we seek to provide a nurturing community in which genuine Christian faith can deepen and thrive.
Service to the church We believe that a theological seminary does not exist for its own sake, but exists rather to serve and resource the church of Jesus Christ.