Faculty & Staff

Northeastern Seminary is grateful for expert and supportive faculty and staff.

Get to know the Northeastern Seminary faculty

Each month, members of the Seminary faculty invite you to join them on a coffee run to talk about theology and Northeastern's programs, along with a few unique, entertaining conversations.


Full-Time Faculty

Kristen Brown
Kristen Brown
Executive Director, Seminary Administration; Assistant Professor of Church and Mission 585.594.6803
Douglas R. Cullum , Ph.D.
Douglas R. Cullum
Vice President and Dean; Professor of Historical and Pastoral Theology 585.594.6331
Elizabeth L. Gerhardt , Th.D.
Elizabeth L. Gerhardt
Professor of Theology and Social Ethics 585.594.6607
Nelson J. Grimm , Ph.D.
Nelson J. Grimm
Director of Field Education; Professor of Applied Theology 585.594.6068
Rebecca S. Letterman , Ph.D.
Rebecca S. Letterman
Professor of Spiritual Formation 585.594.6572
Esau McCaulley , Ph.D.
Esau McCaulley
Assistant Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity 585.594.6582
J. Richard Middleton , Ph.D.
J. Richard Middleton
Professor of Biblical Worldview and Exegesis 585.594.6971
Josef Sykora , Ph.D.
Josef Sykora
Director, Doctor of Ministry Program; Assistant Professor of Biblical Interpretation 585.594.6820

Part-Time Faculty

David Basinger , Ph.D.
David Basinger
Professor of Philosophy and Ethics 585.594.6550
Scott Brenon Caton , Ph.D.
Scott Brenon Caton
Professor of History and Culture 585.594.6336

Academic Support

Marilyn Erickson
Marilyn Erickson
Coordinator of Academic Planning 585.594.6497
Faith Sharp
Faith Sharp
Project Technician, Academic Services 585.594.6623


JP Anderson
JP Anderson
Associate Vice President for Seminary Enrollment 585.594.6832


Carrie Starr
Carrie Starr
Director of Seminary Advancement 585.594.6257

Adjunct Faculty (Ministry Specialists) 

  • Rev. Dr. Leith Anderson 
  • Rev. Dr. Aaron Bouwens
  • Mr. Charles H. Canon III
  • Rev. Vince DiPaola
  • Rev. Walter S. Fleming
  • Rev. Dr. Dana L. Goodnough
  • Dr. Harry J. Heintz
  • Rev. Dr. Fred Johnson
  • Mr. Charles Meeks
  • Ms. Angie Merrill
  • Mr. Jae Newman
  • Rev. Dr. Robert Tice
  • Dr. Gregory VanDussen
  • Dr. Norman Wetterau

Emeriti Personnel 

  • Dr. Barry Hamilton
  • Dr. Paul Livermore
  • Dr. Wayne G. McCown


Doctor of Ministry Guest Faculty Have Included

  • Kim Alexander
  • Christena Cleveland
  • David Fitch
  • Ruth Haley Barton
  • Craig and Médine Keener
  • Soong-Chan Rah
  • Mandy Smith
  • Phyllis Tickle
  • Mark Tyler
  • Mike Walters
  • Brian Zahnd