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Dr. Sykora’s earned degrees include a Ph.D. from Durham University in the United Kingdom; M.A. in biblical studies and M.A. in theological studies from Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky; and a Master in Law from Masaryk University in Brno, the Czech Republic. Dr. Sykora’s doctoral research focused on the topic of election in the Bible. In particular, he was trying to see what the Old Testament says about God’s favor for certain individuals and groups, and what this means for those who are unfavored. Dr. Sykora has served in senior and assistant pastoral roles in Bratislava, Slovakia, and as a missionary responsible for theological training.

"To grow, plants, as well as humans and communities, need to have deep roots. Within the Great Conversation series, I am inviting students to join me on a journey throughout the first fifteen hundred years of the Christian Era to find nuggets of wisdom that could illuminate our often messy and unsettled lives. In a dialogue over the insights from the great mothers and fathers of faith, we then discover where to stretch our roots to bring fruit to those around us."