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Spiritual Formation Groups

What is it and why join a group?

Spiritual Formation

Have you thought about joining an online spiritual formation group? We highly encourage you to do so! 


Spiritual formation is the process of being conformed into the image of Christ (Romans 8:29). It is both an individual and communal process. Spiritual Formation groups are designed to create a sacred space through shared reflection on the action of God in the life experience of group members and to ultimately consider how a group member's experience with God might contribute to the flourishing of their local communities. We believe these groups are important because we are conformed into the image of Christ in a healthy community, not in isolation alone.

What should I expect?

  • A regular opportunity to notice your inner life, with a special focus on your relationship with God.
  • A growing understanding of what God is doing in your ordinary daily life and through you in the world.
  • A regular opportunity to give and receive the hospitality of listening.
  • A confidential, caring environment in which to experience personal and spiritual growth.

Spiritual formation groups are distinctly different from many other valuable kinds of small groups. 


 What should I not expect?

  • A Bible study group
  • A support group
  • Group therapy, counseling, or problem-solving

The groups meet six to eight times spread out over the semester and will be a time for the students to connect with others, share their faith journeys, and grow together.

Each group is capped at 10 people. 

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Photo of David Carr

David Carr

Disability-focused spiritual formation group. Wednesdays beginning September 20, at noon EST

David Carr is a New Testament scholar who teaches and researches in biblical studies and related fields. His interests are in selfhood, identity, moral agency, and disability in the New Testament and its ancient milieu. He earned a B.A. from Georgia College, an M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary, a Th.M. from Candler School of Theology, and a Ph.D. from Emory University.