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Rebuilding Community & Church Partnerships for Educational Renovation

With Northeastern Seminary Students

This workshop will focus on the importance of partnerships between schools, social programs, churches, governments, and families. When all of these work together for the betterment of students in the community, educational equity is possible but it is arduous work! We want to reiterate the beauty in partnerships — asking them what they need instead of pridefully deciding what the church thinks is required in order to help. If we are called to rebuild, reconcile, reimagine, and renew the church, one vital way to participate in this work is to creatively reimagine how we set our sights outside of our congregations in the world — not investing so much of our time and resources reinventing the wheel or in quick and easy charity/bandaid responses to issues — but investing in partnerships with secular organizations who are already dealing with root causes to issues that the church could do so much to support humbly.