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Church Renewal in Rural and Suburban Contexts

Marlowe Washington and Colleen Dick

Many churches in America have plateaued or are in decline. Churches that once packed their pews are wondering why their once vibrant churches are lacking young people and diversity. They often want to blame the culture when in reality they should be blaming themselves. Perhaps they have forgotten their mission. Perhaps they are refusing to put on new wine skins. Maybe they’re more inward-focused than outward-focused. Or maybe their few remaining members are grasping onto their last bit of control and change is not an option for them. God wants to bring renewal to these churches, and he wants to move mightily in their context. Join Rev. Dr. Marlowe Washington and Pastor Colleen Dick as they share their stories of cultural renewal in churches that needed to experience new life and a fresh move of the Holy Spirit.

Marlowe Washington

A graduate of St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY. with a baccalaureate in political science and history minor. In 1997 he graduated with a Master of Divinity from New York Theological Seminary in Manhattan, NY. He graduated from Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College attaining the Doctor of Ministry in transformational leadership in Rochester, New York. He successfully completed his second doctoral work at St. John Fisher University in Rochester in May 2019 with a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Executive Leadership with a concentration in diversity and inclusion in higher education administration.