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Roberts Students

Compassion & Conviction That Goes Beyond Self

Will we see you next summer?

Three of our summer courses include a one-week intensive program that will have community events, gatherings, and more that coincide with our Rebuild Conference on June 11 and 12.

Students who take advantage of this opportunity will get free entry into the Rebuild conference!

Have more questions? Find everything you need for the conference and the summer at Northeastern Seminary below.

"The church changes the world not by making converts but by making disciples."

John Wesley

In addition to the standard 8-week online options, three summer courses will include a one-week residency with community-building events, fellowship, and more. Those courses are:

  • PSF/SOC 624NE Social Justice and Spirituality [9am-12pm] with Professor Marlena Graves.
  • THE/SOC 683NE Black Theology [9am-12pm] with Dr. Dara Delgado.
  • PSF/SOC 634NE Land and Liturgy: A Biblical Spirituality for Eco-Justice [1pm-4pm] with Professor Matthew Nickoloff.

The Spring 2023 Doctor of Ministry Students will be on campus this time for their residency.

  • Complimentary conference ticket (savings of $50)
  • In-person community events such as a field trip to Niagara Falls, working with an urban garden for a few hours, and meeting local ministry leaders doing community development
  • Spiritual formation events such as a lunchtime liturgy out in God’s world
  • Chance to meet in person with faculty and students

See an interesting class but it isn't required for your degree? You can substitute one of your required courses for one of the summer intensive classes! Reach out for approval from Coordinator of Academic Planning & Student Success Counselor Monica Ross. These courses could be substituted for other courses on your checksheet.

You may take a Northeastern Seminary's Master-level classes for credit or audit (subject to relevant course auditing policies) without being formally enrolled in a degree or certificate program. 

You may even be able to take courses as an audit if you have not completed your bachelor's degree.

Courses taken for credit can be applied to any Masters degree or certificate program at Northeastern upon formal acceptance into the program.

For more information on admission into Northeastern Seminary,  click here or contact JP Anderson.

DMin students will already be in their residency this week. If for some reason you are a doctoral student and are not in residency, reach out to  Coordinator of Academic Planning & Student Success Counselor Monica Ross for questions about these intensives being available to you.

Yes. You can take two summer intensive courses as well as other online summer classes if you choose.

The cost of the summer intensive is the cost of a normal graduate-level course. 

O'Brien Residence Hall housing is offered on a "first come, first serve" basis as a single occupancy room.

Here is a link to what is and is not included in this housing offer. And here is more information about the Hall and its reservation policies (Please note that this residence hall is not air-conditioned and does not include bedding.)

The discounted rate for Master's students is $96 per person for the June 11-15 period ($24 per night)

A 25% deposit is required by May 15 to secure your housing. You can pay by credit card, cash, or check made payable to Roberts Wesleyan University.

If you are interested in reserving a residence hall room on campus for your residency week, please contact Brenda Myrthil at or 585-594-6812. Your reservation needs to be received by Brenda by Monday, May 15 and your housing assignment will be confirmed by Friday, May 19. 

You are also welcome to secure off-campus accommodations as desired. Area hotel information can be found here.

We have negotiated a very low rate for a room and it will not change whether there is a roommate or not. 

You will be responsible to acquire your own food while on campus. That being said, there may be a community meal offered daily as part of your program. 

These are hybrid courses, so most of them will be taught online with a one-week intensive residency of in-person instruction taking place June 12-15. Black Theology will be the one course that will not require an in-person portion but will be optional with the opportunity to watch the recordings at a later time.

No. If you register for a summer intensive, you will get free entry to the Rebuild Conference on Sunday and Monday. 

Yes, community members may register to audit the course for $150, but they begin online with the rest of the summer semester courses on May 29. More information on how to take a single course can be found here. 

Registration for summer intensive courses is the same as registration for any other seminary courses. The registration process can be completed online using the registration site, R-Serve.