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Compassion & Conviction That Goes Beyond Self

Rodney K. Sisco served at Wheaton College for over 34 years and was the Director of the Office of Multicultural Development. Rodney was a constant and faithful presence on campus, providing wise leadership in pursuit of the Christ-centered vision of racial and ethnic diversity in Christian higher education. He was elected to the national office of the Association for Christians in Student Development, where he served as the Executive Committee’s Chair of Diversity.

The Symposium is intended to continue Rodney Sisco’s legacy of advocating for “…being the body of Christ is that we understand what grace is. Grace says that we are to be patient with each other. We spend time with each other. We’re preparing young men and women to know…how to be people who are able to engage with difference and conflict in a way that still says we’re doing it as men and women of God.”

The purpose of the Sisco Symposium aligns with Roberts Wesleyan University mission statement and commitment to diversity.

  • We desire that our graduates exhibit lifelong habits of inquiry, reflection, and critical thinking from a Christian perspective.

  • We are dedicated to “education for character.”

  • We desire our institution and graduates to be known for is intellectual and spiritual humility.

  • We challenge our students to grow in skills of active listening, curiosity, community engagement, and restorative practices.

"The church changes the world not by making converts but by making disciples."

John Wesley