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Reading While White: A Response to Reading While Black

Last year, Northeastern Seminary launched a mini class called Reading While Black, inspired by the best-selling, internationally known book by author and former Northeastern Seminary faculty member Dr. Esau McCaulley.

In response, Dr. David Carr wrote Reading While White a series of articles addressing reading the Bible through a certain lens.

"It can be difficult for us in the majority culture(s) to realize that our modes of biblical interpretation aren’t universal. Rather, what I call 'reading while White' is a particular, historically contingent set of approaches to studying our sacred texts."

In his final post, Dr. Carr offers some thoughts on how to respond to the diversity of biblical interpretations we encounter in our world and how we can share the road and do better.

Dr. Carr's series shows how his wit, honesty, and theological understanding are a gift to our students here at the Seminary.

Find the series below: