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Within your community, women and men sense the prompting of the Holy Spirit to fulfill their purpose, but they are uncertain of how to pursue that call. As a disciple-maker, you recognize the need to train these individuals, but the demands of your ministry limit your opportunities to apprentice and equip them. Read how Northeastern Seminary is partnering with Campus One80 to make a difference in campuses all over the country.

President of Campus One80 Shares

Campus One80 is a national ministry to college students on campuses across the United States. Our staff cultivates safe spaces for students to explore the Christian faith within a supportive community of friends at college. We provide mentoring, discipleship, service projects, and retreats for student growth and specialize in developing opportunities for student leaders who want to transform their campuses with the gospel of Jesus.

We refer to our staff as the “guardians of theology” within our student ministries. It’s important that they are well-trained to effectively teach Christian history and theology on our campuses with both humility and confidence. As the new president of Campus One80 and a graduate of Northeastern Seminary’s Master of Arts in Theological Studies and the Doctor of Ministry programs, I’m delighted that Campus One80 is a partner of the seminary. We especially value Northeastern’s emphasis on spiritual formation. These practiced disciplines ensure our staff have a vibrant and thriving relationship with God to sustain them through the challenging demands of ministry. There has been an added benefit to our staff, who serve all over the country, see each other in their online seminary classes, who might otherwise only see each other once a year at our annual gathering.

Because of the diverse cultural and denominational variety of graduate students attending Northeastern, our staff are more effectively equipped to minister to the myriad of undergrad students found across our different campuses. As Miranda Garino, a current seminarian explains, “I have worked in college ministry for eleven years and was beyond excited when Campus One80 announced the partnership with Northeastern Seminary. I did not grow up in church; I always felt behind when it came to studying scripture. While I have grown leaps and bounds since I became a Christian, I knew seminary would open my mind to a wide variety of perspectives and understandings I had never encountered. 

To no surprise at all, it has done just that and more. At Northeastern, I have engaged with professors who care about me as a student and my ministry. I encounter college students in my ministry setting who have deep, painful hurt or questions that only bring more questions. It’s obvious the professors care so much about the Kingdom of God that I have asked for help with a ministry question or two. I once emailed Dr. Carr and asked for his thoughts on an issue, and he immediately hopped on a Zoom call and gave me resources and perspectives to consider and work through with my students. 

Miranda Garino, MA Transformational Leadership

I have also had the wonderful opportunity to be a graduate assistant this semester. I am incredibly grateful that I was recommended for this position and given the ability to work with Dr. Middleton. Of course, when discussing the position, he made sure to say, ‘Your own ministry should be a priority.’ I was nervous about going back to school, but Northeastern and the professors have made it just what I needed it to be; a place to expand my mind and heart for the sake of the Gospel.”

As I assume leadership of this five-year-old organization, I ask that you pray for us as we gather for our largest retreat ever this coming weekend. Our ministry is growing, and we are grateful for the impact of the Northeastern Seminary community on our staff and our campuses across the country. If you would like to learn more about the ministry of Campus One80, you can visit

About the author

Carrie Starr, DMin

Dr. Starr serves as the president of Campus One80 and is a Northeastern alum with an MA in Theological Studies ‘03 and Doctor of Ministry ‘21. She has a rich career in ministry, business, and higher education that covers a wide range of professional experiences. She has held such leadership positions as a regional leader for Campus Ambassadors, a nationally recognized leader with Enactus USA, an educational leader at Roberts Wesleyan College, a named Advancement professional with Northeastern Seminary, and Roberts Wesleyan College, a published author, and a successful entrepreneur. Her strong faith in Christ built on a solid theological foundation, combined with her passionate energy and outstanding relationship-building skills make her a compelling ministry leader and educator in an uncertain world.