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Black Church Studies Advanced Certificate Approved by NYS

Northeastern Seminary is now offering an Advanced Certificate for Black Church Studies.

The program has officially been approved by New York State and classes will begin in January.

"We're excited because it is an opportunity to explore the dynamics of the black churches, looking at the black church from a historical perspective, its significance and impact on culture and community," Program Director Rev. Dr. Fred Johnson said.

Through the courses, students will explore the history, theology, and biblical interpretation unique to the Black Church experience. Students will be taught tools to apply authentic, critical, and responsible interpretation and use of Scripture in the Black Church experience. By examining the historical place of the Black Church, students will be better equipped to address individual and systemic injustice in local and global contexts. This program is an excellent option for those who seek to be prepared and equipped to pursue further academic scholarship in the field of the Black Church experience and social justice.

"With the addition of the Black Church Studies advanced certificate, we at Northeastern Seminary are leaning into our rich history of creating formational experiences for students where they engage with diverse expressions of Christ's Church and are well-prepared for faithful, effective ministry in their respective communities. By drawing attention to the history and theology of Black churches, we are centering an expression of Christian faith that calls us to take Gospel-rooted action in society, care for all of our neighbors, and rely on the hope of God found in Jesus Christ." Vice President Dr. Ben Espinoza said.

"Our founder, B.T. Roberts, embraced a holistic vision for education that spurred students to live lives marked by character and to care for their neighbor. This heritage has been of major importance in the development of our educational programs and deeply informs our mission. Black Church studies is truly the continuation of the work we have always been about as a campus: preparing thoughtful, spiritually mature, service-oriented people who will help transform society"

Classes include The History of the Black Church, Black Theology, Leadership in the Black Church, and more.

The program is designed for students who want to deepen their understanding of the history, theology, and biblical interpretation unique to the Black Church. It is designed to equip men and women to be scholars, church practitioners, and transformative leaders in urban or suburban congregations and other settings within African American culture and beyond.

The 18-credit program can be done fully online and part-time options will be made available.

The Black Church Studies advanced certificate develops the ministry skills to become a change agent in the ministry context of its students. Graduates of the certificate may go on to complete an M.A. or M.Div. without losing any credits with Northeastern Seminary's stackable curriculum.

Learn more about the Black Church Studies program here. Find other information about other Northeastern Advanced Certificates, Masters, or our Doctor of Ministry programs here. To see the latest zoom informational meetings or to schedule a one-on-one zoom meeting with an admissions representative, click here.