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The Openness of God Debate

3 Credits

THE 715

One of the most significant, often contentious, current debates in evangelical circles centers on what has been come to be called “Openness of God” theology. Proponents of this theological perspective, while affirming a high view of Scripture, do not view God as the all-knowing, all-controlling, unchanging being often portrayed in classical Christian thought. God is viewed, rather, as a being who does not have infallible knowledge of our future free actions and thus as a being who must work relationally with us day by day to help actualize the divine goals for us and our world. This course will take an in-depth look both at openness theology and the numerous critiques that have been offered in response to it. The main goal of the course will be to help each student come to a clearer understanding of her or his own theological perspective. [Offered on demand]