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The Ministry of Writing For Publication

abstract art of water

3 Credits

PSF 626


Writing is one of the foremost means of communication. It has the possibility of leaving an indelible mark upon the reader, of creating meaning, and shaping worlds. Whether or not explicitly Christian, believers can share gospel truths through creative non-fiction, sermon, song, poems, or even scripts. Writing is a way to frame the world, a venue used to explore questions, inform, and express ourselves. Writing can also help us figure out what we believe. It is a form of ministry. The goal of this course is to complete a book chapter or article by the end of the semester and to submit it for publication. During class, we will learn how to become better writers and stewards of our writing ministry while reading, writing, and listening to the occasional guest lecturer. Students must apply to be in the course by submitting a 1,000 word writing sample in the genre of their own choosing and be granted acceptance into the course prior to enrollment.