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Church Planting

3 Credits

MIN 660

There is no greater need in the body of Christ today than effective church planting. Increasing secularization, the rate of change accelerated by the introduction of new technology, sustained globalization, and the proliferation of a variety of religious faiths and pluralistic philosophies have combined to drive many communities of Christian faith into a posture of disengagement from culture. The result has been irrelevance and decline in church involvement, especially among the younger generation. Living in the midst of this new world, fresh expressions of the church are necessary in order to engage with the masses of people that the gospel of Jesus calls us to reach. Planting new congregations will be the most successful way of inviting unreached people into the life of the gospel. This course serves as a theological and practical introduction to that process. Students taking this course are required to participate in the church planting conference/training through Ecclesia Network. [Special/intermittent offering]