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Chaplaincy Seminar

3 Credits

MIN 632

This course provides students with an overview of the complexities of the specialized role of chaplains within a variety of contexts including: healthcare and correctional facilities, schools, fire and police departments, and the military. Students will consider topics such as the history of the profession and the professional identity of chaplains, ministry within complex institutional systems, assessing individual spiritual needs, expanding cultural competence, faith as it relates to ethical decision-making, and providing pastoral and emotional/spiritual support to others, as well as caring for staff and caregivers. In addition, students will be introduced to the various competencies expected of board-certified chaplains and will explore the regulations related to healthcare privacy. Students will have the opportunity to expand their understanding of the importance of research in ministry and the need to develop self-care practices. The course will include presentations from chaplains serving in a variety of settings and will enable the student to compare the uniqueness and commonalities of ministry within each context.