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Brian Roth Student Story

Brian Roth, M.Div.

“Generous gifts have made it possible for me to further my theological education at Northeastern and Christ’s impact through me as a servant. I am grateful for how the financial burden has been lifted and Kingdom work is supported. I am grateful for the faithfulness in giving that allows me the chance to continue to grow as a leader, pastor, and follower of the risen Lord. These generous gifts make ongoing spiritual formation a reality for me and many others.”

Barbara Isamen-Bushart Alumni Story

Barbara Isaman-Bushart, M.Div. '08

"I consider it a privilege and joy to support Northeastern Seminary because the education and rich experiences I received at Northeastern have left an indelible influence on my life and ministries. I appreciated the way the programs and courses were arranged to introduce seminarians to theologians and Christian leaders across different historical eras and geographic locations. As we learned about the questions and circumstances those faithful men and women wrestled with in their times, we were simultaneously encouraged to creatively and confidently address the pressing needs of our own world with the transformational love and power of Christ."

Wanda Hill, MATSJWanda Hill, MATSJ

“While at Northeastern Seminary I have looked back on the path that God paved for me and see an enormous amount of love and support. What has been so humbling is the selflessness of donors who have allowed God to guide their hearts to provide scholarships to the students at Northeastern for the betterment and advancement of their academic endeavors. Such accomplishment could not have been possible without this generosity.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done in the name of Jesus and I am prepared to roll up my sleeves. Northeastern has equipped me with the necessary tools to be the vessel that God has called me to be and the scholarships I received were an essential part of making that happen.”

Laverne Bates Alumni Story

Laverne Bates, MAT '01

"Opportunity for significant spiritual and professional enrichment for people of all ages seeking direction and preparation for serving and making a difference in our communities is priceless. After thirty years in ministry, the invitation to be a part of the second cohort became the capstone of my journey in life-long learning. The chronological development of theological thought, the synergy of historical developments and the discussions of practical applications and times of prayer together, elicited a deeper respect for other traditions as well as affirming and enriching studies of the past.

It is a privilege to continue to support the ongoing development of Northeastern Seminary to meet the ever changing needs of a hurting world."

Reggie McGill Alumni Story

Reggie McGill, M.Div. '11

“When you clearly hear the Lord, the Body of Christ must be ready, willing, and able to launch out into the depths of faith, hope, and love…to acknowledge our responsibility to make a God-given, Holy Spirit inspired vision come to pass. I will be forever grateful for the insight, direction, counsel, challenges, clarity, and how to develop spiritually. Northeastern Seminary challenged me to become a better student of Scripture, as well as a better servant of God and His people.” 

Eddie Wilson Alumni Story

Eddie Wilson, Advisory Board

"Having studied next to and befriended many seminary students during my time as a full-time professional and a full-time seminary student, I saw first hand how expensive seminary is, how taxing it all can be on families and drove me to contemplate my financial responsibility as it relates to helping those men and women who are ultimately called to serve me, my family and the church at large as a full-time minister. The question that I could not get over was, 'If all of this is expensive and the called person takes on debt just to come back to the church, isn’t that on the church and its members to help alleviate the burden of that education and training?'  Many seminarians in other denominations pay nothing or very little for their ministry training. But there are some denominations that leave it to the competitive college landscape to provide educated ministers...and college is expensive. Add to that, many seminarians are married with families! To that end, I believe we have a moral and spiritual responsibility to do whatever we can to financially support seminary students."

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