Embodying and practicing compassion.
     Deepening skills for compassionate living.
Transforming the desire to love God, self, and others into
practical actions that heal oneself and the larger world.
     Grounding in the life and teachings of Jesus. 

For ministers, organizational leaders, social justice activists, parents, teachers, and anyone who seeks to live a compassion-filled life.

This one-day workshop mixes presentations, spiritual practices, creative exercises, and discussions.

Mark YaconelliMark Yaconelli draws from 20 years of working with young people (and those who serve them) and his groundbreaking research in contemplation, spiritual direction, and spiritual practices as he leads workshop participants to:

  • Experience and know God as a source of love
  • Develop skills for self-compassion
  • Learn how to identify and transform difficult emotions (rage, depression, fear, etc.)
  • Increase their capacity to heal suffering in self, others, and institutions
  • Develop techniques for relating to oneself, friends, family members, strangers, perpetrators, and even "enemies" with genuine compassion
  • Understand how to participate in social actions that confront injustice from a grounded place of love rather than from reactive anger or resentment



9:00     Registration

9:30     Plenary Session 1:
            Jesus' Way of
            Radical Compassion

11:00   Plenary Session 2:
            Cultivating Self Compassion

12:15   Lunch

1:15     Plenary Session 3:
            Practicing Compassion with
            Difficult Others

2:30     Plenary Session 4:
            Compassionate Communities


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General registration: $55

NES/RWC Student/Faculty/Staff registration: $20


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