Minding the Good Ground - Church Renewal Conference - March 13, 2013 - With Dr. Jason E. Vickers


Many proposals for church renewal begin by asking

the question, "What is wrong with the church?"

Jason Vickers, associate professor of theology and Wesleyan studies at United Theological Seminary, deliberately avoids this strategy, beginning instead with the question, "What is the nature of the church?" From that point of departure he leads an inquiry into the mission of the church and explores the sacramental life of the church. In doing so, the goal is to develop a theological framework within which to think about and to assess the many proposals for church renewal presently swirling around us.

Sessions for public: $40
Sessions for NES and UTS alumni: $25
Sessions for NES/UTS/RWC students and faculty: FREE
Lunch: $15

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 9:00 Registration
 9:30 Good Ground:
The Nature of the Church
 11:00 Planting for Abundance:
The Mission of the Church
 12:15 Lunch
 1:15 Harvest Celebration:
The Sacramental Life
 2:45 Panel Discussion
 4:00 Closing/Book Signing

 Northeastern Seminary

 at Roberts Wesleyan College

 2265 Westside Drive

 Rochester, NY 14624


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