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Please walk through each step of this process to ensure that all Roberts Technology will work for you. Call 585.594.6898 if you need any help or email the Information Technology Support team at

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Roberts/NES Technology Resources


  1. Creating/changing your password
  2. Log into the Intranet website (Your NES Home Page)
  3. Check your NES email
  4. Check your class schedule in R-Serve and then check your grades once your class finishes
  5. Log into your class web area (also known as CMS or Moodle)
  6. Accessing the Library Resources

(Step 1): Changing Your Passwordchange-password-home-screen

  1. Type this web address into your web browser:
  2. Fill in the information requested (your student ID number is located on your Roberts/NES student photo ID directly below your picture or is available by calling IT or NES)
  3. Click on VALIDATE
  4. Enter what you would like to use for your password twice 
    **Please use 5 characters or more, and store your password in a safe place or use something you can remember.
    **This will set up your password for all Roberts/NES intranet networks: INTRANET, R-Serve, NES eBoard, change-password-screenand CMS/Moodle for online courses
  6. Click on the RWC intranet link and try your password








Your Username is: Lastname_Firstname 
Your Email is: 
Your Student ID Number is: located on your student ID card 
Or, contact IT for assistance at 585.594.6898 
Your Password is: created by walking through the steps on this page.

(Step 2): Log into the NES/RWC Intranet

  1. Open your web browser (Internet intranet-login-screenExplorer 7 is recommended) and type in the following address:
  2. Type in your username:
  3. Type in your password created in Step 1 and click OK

This site is your NES home page. Click on the places with the arrows below to access student email, course syllabi, course registration information, grades, schedules, and MUCH more.

Familiarize yourself with this information and where it is located because it is a resource to assist you during your entire seminary experience!


(Step 3): Log into Roberts Email

The Roberts Wesleyan College/Northeastern Seminary assigned email account is an official means of electronic communication within the College and Seminary communities. Students are responsible for all information sent to them via their College or Seminary assigned email account from faculty, administrative offices, and academic departments.

  1. Open your web browser and go to the NES intranet
  2. Log into the intranet (Step 2)
  3. Click on Email (left side of the screen, see the final screenshot in Step 2 above)
  4. Log into your Email (Outlook Web Access) using the username and password created in Step 1



(Step 4): Log into R-Serve

  1. Open your web R-Serve-homepagebrowser and go to the NES intranet
  2. Log into the intranet (Step 2)
  3. Click on Grades & Schedules (left side of the screen, see the final screenshot in Step 2 above)
  4. Log into R-Serve using the information you set up in Step 1
  5. View Schedules: 
    Click on the 'Classes' tab, then 'Schedule', then 'Student Schedule'. R-Serve-classes-page
  6. Choose a semester R-Serve-schedule-page
  7. The posted information will appear.
  8. View Grades: Click on the 'Grades' tab, then 'Grade Report' (for specific semesters) or 'Unofficial Transcript' (for all semesters)
  9. The posted information will appear.R-Serve-grades-page

(Step 5): Log into Course Area(CMS/Moodle)

CMS, the online-based program otherwise known as Course Management System, is the source for online courses, class discussions, assignments, and to view class participants once you are registered for a class. Sometimes professors will post syllabi for non-online courses here as an extra resource.

  1. Open your web Moodle-login-screenbrowser and go to the NES intranet
  2. Log into the intranet
  3. Click on Courses(bottom right side of the screen, see the final screenshot in Step 2 above)
  4. Log into CMS/Moodle (the course) using the information and password you set up in "Changing Your Password"
  5. From here, you can view course outlines and assignments that professors post to online courses.Moodle-homepage

(Step 6): Accessing the B. Thomas Golisano Library

  1. Visit library-homepage
  2. Start the search by selecting from the Article or Subject Guide options. You can also search journal articles available in full text
  3. You will enter into our vast database of journals, articles, books and many other resources. library-search-page

Need Assistance? 
Contact a library representative by: 
• Stopping into the library 
• E-mail 
• Chat/instant messagelibrary-contact-page

For additional training and support, please contact the Technology Resource Center at 585.594.6789 or

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