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Master of Arts

Theological Studies

Develop your ability to interpret and teach Scripture on behalf of the church in a worldwide, multiethnic, multigenerational Christian community.

At Northeastern Seminary, I developed my ability to think critically about theology from Genesis to Revelation, to the early church, to the Reformation, but also for a life of ministry today. It gives you the chance to think about theology from a broad perspective.

Torrance Jones, Assistant Professor of Business & Criminal Justice at Houghton College

219 Students

126  Fully Online

30 Denominations Represented

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We provide a theological education that is built upon the foundation of a deep, sustained engagement with biblical and historic Christianity.

Theological Studies- Featured Courses

With classes in Rochester, NY and even offered online, this seminary degree is designed to be as flexible as possible in both format and coursework. Our students in the Theological Studies program can customize their degree to specialize in a number of areas including Christian Spirituality and Historical Theology. They also have the option to self-design their own research topic.
The program enhances a variety of education-focused Christian vocations including theology professor, Christian educator, pastor, church leader, chaplain, and missionary.

Introduction to Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching

This course introduces students to responsible interpretation (or “exegesis”) of the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) through hands-on, practical skills in reading the biblical text carefully in its literary and historical/cultural context, to understand its message for today. 

The Great Conversation: Being Human

This course will lead students through an exploration of what Christianity uniquely contributes to the conversation about what it means to be human, and to help answer questions like: what does the fact that God became incarnate as a human being in Jesus Christ reveal about God’s priorities for what it means for us to be human persons? 

Fundamentals of Transformational Leadership

This course explores the process by which God calls and prepares people for leadership and gives attention to the development of the inner life and character of an effective leader. Beyond self-leadership, students will consider communication and the constructive use of criticism and resistance. Transformational theory will be presented and illustrated through the use of case studies.

How can you tailor your Biblical studies to your interests?

We can't just use our faith as a ticket to heaven and ignore the hells of this earth, but we need to use our faith to compel us to do something about the wrongs of this world.

Shane Claiborne

Transformational Leadership Student

Sorangely Brito

I decided to go to seminary because I felt the Lord calling me to more. Then after making the decision to pursue my master's, the Lord opened the door to move forward in creating a ministry called 'Stay Encouraged Podcast' for teens and youth leaders, and I understood the urge in my heart to learn more about God. He was leading me to start my non-profit, write books, and equip teens to be all that God has called them to be, and my degree will help to do that. I am learning to trust in God as he helps me though it.