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Master of Arts

Spiritual Formation

Called to support others in their personal faith journeys.

At Northeastern Seminary, I received the spiritual formation tools that speak to the inner brokenness that is within us—to say to others, yes you matter, yes you are a child of God, and that He [Chirst] heals us from within.

Yvonne Harvey, Owner of Yvonne’s Hair Care & Nail Salon

219 Students

126  Fully Online

30 Denominations Represented

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Spiritual Formation

To affirm that the indispensable foundation for Christian ministry is a vital relationship with God through Christ, and so seek to provide a nurturing community in which genuine Christian faith can deepen and thrive

Spiritual Formation- Featured Courses

Northeastern Seminary offers this spiritual formation program online or through classes in Rochester, New York. Students could also earn their Certificate in Spiritual Direction as part of this master’s degree.

Spiritual Formation

This course guides students through a variety of classic Christian texts from a variety of Christian traditions throughout history in order to deepen their appreciation for the rich and varied ways, unique and communal, in which people have experienced knowing the Holy Trinity. Students will engage in several classic spiritual practices throughout the course, including: Scripture reading, reading Christian devotional texts, prayer, journaling, and retreat.

Christian Faith: A Global Survey

What do Christian solitaries in the Egyptian desert, mothers of rebellious teenagers, monks in community in the mountains of France, missionaries to Japan, and charismatic worshipers in a megachurch all have in common? They all provide a glimpse of people seeking to follow Christ faithfully in their different geographic and cultural contexts. This course surveys the myriad ways in which Christians across the globe have found themselves redeemed and enlivened by the Spirit of God, and celebrates the diverse expressions of our shared Christian faith. 

World Religions and Human Spirituality

This course explores the global character of the church and the practice of ministry in the multifaith and multicultural context of contemporary society. Attention is given to the wide diversity of religious traditions present in the potential ministry settings and considers how the church can serve with faithfulness and respect in a religiously pluralistic culture. Students will have the opportunity to develop their theological convictions in dialog with other religious traditions and gain skills in interfaith engagement as an expression of their Christian discipleship. 

All Northeastern Seminary students enrolled in the M.A. Spiritual Formation or Advanced Certificate in Spiritual Direction programs are eligible for a free account with Grafted Life Ministry. Upon graduation, they can be added to the growing database of Spiritual Directors. Grafted Life Ministries supports churches and individuals with resources that help people root their lives in Christ’s transforming love.

Nurture Christian Spiritual Formation

Prayer is a form of communication between God and man and man and God....I am always impressed by the fact that it is recorded that the only thing that the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to do was to pray.

Howard Thurman

Master of Divinity Student

Cameron Duncan

I think the most important lesson I learned at Northeastern Seminary is how to slow down and take inventory of my soul. My seminary journey was a busy time, but I learned to value the scheduled times I took to slow down and notice God's presence in my own life. I believe the Seminary Retreats were a catalyst for this discovery and it is a lesson I am taking with me as a begin my journey as a pastor.