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Master of Arts

Ministry Practice

Make your personal calling the core of your education through a customized seminary program.

Ministry Practice, M.A. Degree

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Isaiah 6:8

219 Students

126  Fully Online

30 Denominations Represented


To equip students to practice ministry that is wisely and faithfully responsive to the constantly changing contexts of our culture and world

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Customize Your Seminary Degree

Ministry Practice- Featured Courses

Our Master’s in Ministry Practice facilitates a custom course of study to meet the demands of your ministry context. The open-ended course structure requires 18 credits of any Ministry Frameworks courses offered at the Seminary, 18 credits of any Ministry Practice courses, a Contextual Ministry Course, and an Integrative Capstone course. 

Sharing Christ

This course explores the theology and practice of the Church’s ministry of evangelism and discipleship as both personal and corporate practices.

Theology of the City

This course will develop a biblical theology for urban mission that will serve as a foundation for pastors and church leaders seeking to understand the city and will guide them in constructing and implementing effective urban ministry strategies.

Women in Leadership: Historical & Biblical Perspective

This course explores the lives and roles of women throughout church history. It examines the historical and social contexts of various women leaders identified as having an impact on theology, biblical interpretation, cultural influence, and social justice.

Customize your Seminary Degree

Who is this degree for?

There is a close relationship between faith and reason, for one cannot function without the other. Reason builds its arguments on first principles which cannot be proven, but are accepted by faith. For the truly wise, faith is the first principle, the starting point, on which reason is to build.

Justo L. González

Ministry Practice Student

John Iamaio

I was motivated to start seminary because I wanted to continue to grow in my competency as a minister of the Gospel and I wanted to do that in a local community. Since Northeastern is located in Rochester, it was a perfect fit. I've already been encouraged to keep my love for Jesus as my main motivation for ministry while in my classes here. God is calling me to keep following Him whether that is in continued ministry with college students or the opportunity to serve elsewhere. No matter what He asks me to do, I want to have open hands and be prepared.