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Master of Divinity

3 Years | 80 Credits | Online & Part Time Options

Over the 80-credit M.Div. program, students will develop a deeper understanding of the Bible, and build an aptitude for shaping healthy worship communities. If you are called to become ordained and undertake professional ministry as a vocation, the Master of Divinity degree is the most common credential required as part of that professional process. 

Northeastern Seminary is a resource for pastors who are not just preaching a sermon but also ministering to fill the social and economic voids of their community. Seminary programs teach the church to be the body of Christ by serving those who are struggling financially, the families that are split, the homeless youth, and the drug addicted.

Kayleigh Schumske, Master of Divinity Graduate

Come nurture your calling at Northeastern Seminary to pastor disciples of Christ. Our Master of Divinity offered online and in Rochester NY, helps you grow as a faithful interpreter of God’s Word, a pastoral leader who empowers God’s people toward active participation in God’s mission, and a gracious participant in a diverse Christian community.

25 Students/Class

13:1  Student: Faculty

6 Concentrations

Total Program
Sticker Price: $47,970

Less than 15% of students
pay this amount

98% of students who applied
for a scholarship received one

Service to the Church & the World

To believe that a theological seminary does not exist for its own sake, but exists rather to serve and resource the church of Jesus Christ

Master of Divinity- Concentrations


Advanced Biblical Studies

Go deeper in your scriptural studies to better understand the text in its original language and context.

Develop an aptitude for identifying contemporary cultural and social concerns and the ways that they are illuminated and critiqued by the Gospel.



Step outside of the classroom to complete Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) units in a hospital or health care facility, psychiatric and rehabilitation centers, or veteran or congregational settings.


Spiritual Formation

Assess the formational impact of personal and communal events, traditions, and dispositions.

Gain a greater understanding of classic Christian spiritual practices and how to lead others in communal worship, scripture meditation, retreat, journaling, service, Sabbath, and spiritual direction.


Theology & Social Justice

Grow as a peacemaker and community advocate.

Increase your capacity to lead the church and society in responding appropriately to the effects of poverty, violence, war, sexism, and discrimination on families, society, and the world.


Transformational Leadership

Champion change in your organization, grounded in well-developed biblical, theological, and leadership realities.

Develop the ability to interpret the rapidly changing culture and to design and implement strategic initiatives to meet today's challenges.


Denominational Studies

Meet your denomination's educational requirements for ordination.

Members of Free Methodist, Nazarene, United Methodist, and Wesleyan churches can follow pre-approved curriculum for their denomination.

Amplify your calling with a Pastoral Degree

What are the distinctions of the Master of Divinity at Northeastern Seminary?

If, after all of these encounters, I have anything to regret, it is that on most such occasions, as the circumstances demanded, I was obliged to speak far too much, while I would have preferred to ask questions, to listen, and to learn as much as was allowed by the tempo and the very different types of English in which I was addressed.

Karl Barth. Evangelical Theology: An Introduction

Master of Divinity Student

Dingli Chen

I decided to go to seminary because I wanted to be a full-time minister. This degree is the essential foundation and key to making that happen.