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Doctor of Ministry Annual Colloquium

When experience and passion for ministry combine with the depth of academic study and immersion in current thinking, rich resources can emerge for the church to address the needs of its people. The Doctor of Ministry Colloquium organized biannually features the work of selected program graduates and serves as a platform for other ministry leaders to hear and discuss the results of their dissertation findings. 

Past Colloquium presentations can be found on the Seminary's Youtube channel here. 

Past presenters examined the following questions:

  • How can an urban church understand better and combat more effectively poverty in the inner city?
  • What are the unique needs of cancer patients and how can they be addressed in a spiritually nurturing way?
  • What challenges face female pastors in a denomination that approves and encourages their ordination, and how can they be overcome?
  • In what ways can one meaningfully support those full-time Christian workers who are undergoing crisis as a result of termination of their current ministry?