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Northeastern Seminary offers online degree programs that uniquely equip students for faithful ministry in any context.

Program Design

Stackable competency blocks to build the formational experience that fits your ministry context and goals

Programs can be completed fully online, fully onsite, or through a combination as desired

Flexible course loads—full time, part time, accelerated—to set your own pace

Spiritual formation disciplines embedded in each course

Customized field education offers in-context experiences that develop applicable skills, habits and attitudes

Online programs authorized through SARA

The Great Conversation Courses

At the center of our community is a great, ongoing conversation about what it looks like fore each one of us to take up our place in God's ongoing work of restoring wholeness to the world.

Together we consider:

Being in the Story

The story of God from creation to new creation and God’s intentions for the world.

Being in the Word

The Bible as God’s revelation; what God is communicating, how God communicates it, and how Scripture continues to speak today.

Being Human

What God's revelation in Jesus teaches us about being human persons.

Being Christian

What it means to be Christian, especially in religiously plural contexts.

Being Church

The nature of God’s restorative grace in human life and the church as the people of God.

Being Mission

Theology and mission in a diverse, global context.



The Great Conversation

Program Features

  • Weekly rhythm of reading, video content, online discussions, and integrating learning within your own context and experiences
  • Real-time engagement includes regular interaction between faculty and students through video conferencing
  • Online orientation, extensive course management sites, and academic advising to support your success

Learning Community

  • Balanced male to female ratio
  • 30+ faith traditions and denominations
  • 20's to 70's age range
  • Cultural and ethnic diversity
  • Broad scope of ministry context and passions

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Sometimes a conversation can be refreshing. Tell us where you are being called to ministry or what ways you are experiencing a deeper need for understanding.

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