Learning Center

Quality academic support is often central to ensuring that all students reach their educational goals. The Roberts Wesleyan College Learning Center provides a variety of services for all students including one-on-one assistance, peer tutoring, and access to resource materials. Any student who desires assistance is eligible to utilize these services designed to meet his/her specific academic needs.


In addition, the Learning Center assists students who have documented disabilities with appropriate services and accommodations.

Visit the Learning Center website to get started.

Writing Support

The Learning Center also provides special support for students who live outside the Rochester area or are unable to schedule traditional tutoring sessions. Students may email their papers to TLC@roberts.edu and receive feedback within 24-48 hours or set up a phone-session for paper review. Students should note that tutors do not edit papers, but they provide writing tips and suggestions.

Disability Services

Northeastern Seminary strives to provide appropriate services and accommodations to students with disabilities based on individual needs. In partnership with the Roberts Wesleyan College Learning center, students requesting services are asked to complete documentation of a disability and provide to the coordinator of services for students with disabilities.

For more information and to access the Disabilities Handbook click here.