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June 28, 2013

Founding Faculty Member and Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology Retires

Dr. Paul LivermoreROCHESTER, N.Y.— After 33 years of service Northeastern Seminary and Roberts Wesleyan College bid farewell to Dr. Paul L. Livermore in June. He joined the Roberts Wesleyan College faculty in 1976 and was central in the vision, design, and development of Northeastern Seminary that launched in 1998. 

Livermore's earned degrees include: Ph.D., Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary; M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary; and A.B., Greenville College. He is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church and has served as pastor of eight churches since 1964.  He serves as a member of the Study Commission on Doctrine of the Free Methodist Church. In partial fulfillment of his responsibility on the Study Commission, he has written a Catechism for the Free Methodist Church and the first of a two-volume systematic theology (The God of Our Salvation). He has also authored numerous articles on the New Testament, early Judaism, patristic Christianity and Wesley. 

Livermore’s faithfulness and contributions to the life of the students, colleagues, pastors, congregations, College, Seminary, and to the Church are immeasurable, and his service will bear fruit for generations to come. He has challenged students to strive for the highest standards, and provided the encouragements and resources to help them achieve those standards.

How do you measure faithfulness…by longevity? Truthfulness? Dedication? Integrity? In 33 years as a professor of biblical and systematic theology at Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary, Livermore has been all of these things. Dr. Scott Caton, Professor of History and Culture, who paid tribute to his professor, mentor, and colleague put it like this, “Paul, you minister to people as a pastor. You come out of the scholarly role and engage a person in a very direct and personal fashion by asking their spiritual wellbeing in such a way that the person can hardly avoid the question. They sense that you have a sincere and deep interest in them as a person who has spiritual needs.” 

Livermore has been married to his wife, Alice, for 49 years. They have a son Geoff and daughter-in-law Kerry; daughter Alicia and son-in-law Rob; and grandchildren Erika, William, Rebekah, Sarah, and Josh.

As one of his students wrote, “Dr. Livermore has done what ‘thus saith the Lord,’ and that impacted my life in a very meaningful way.  Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

In retirement, Dr. Livermore plans to continue writing and teaching at the Seminary.