Private or Alternative Loans

Private Loans 

If a student is unable to secure sufficient federal loans another source is privately funded loans. We recommend checking out these sources at:



Alternative Loans

After exhausting all other financial resources, students may choose to apply for a private loan (also known as an alternative loan) through the lender of their choice. These loans may have either a fixed or variable rate, are in the name of the student, and typically require a cosigner. The interest rate varies by lender and credit score.

Students may borrow up to a maximum of the cost of attendance minus financial aid, as determined by Northeastern Seminary. All private/alternative loans must be certified by the Seminary Office of Financial Aid.

Although you may borrow from any lender of your choosing, the institution has partnered with FASTChoice through Great Lakes to make the loan process a little easier—FASTChoice can help you find private/alternative loan options here.