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Competency Focused | Formational Education

Competence is more than what you know. Competence is who you are becoming and how you will live out your unique calling. At Northeastern Seminary, our programs are designed to help you become all God has called you to be. Click on the competency block below to find out more.

Who is God calling you to be?

Competency Blocks

Biblical Peacemaker

Theology and Social Justice competency block helps students grow as peacemakers who model Christ as agents of social justice in the church and in other organizations.

Courses include:

  • Foundations in Christian Social Ethics
  • Social Policy, Leadership, and Community Change
  • Violence Against Women: Theological and Social Issues
  • Social Justice and Spirituality
  • Jesus and the Poor: Biblical Perspectives on Economic Justice
  • Old Testament Prophets’ Cry for Justice
  • Life, Theology and Ethics of Bonhoeffer
  • Theology of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Other theology electives

Degree Programs:


Faithful Teacher

Biblical Interpretation competency block helps students grow as faithful interpreters and communicators of God’s word in the context of God’s world.

Courses Include:

  • Introduction to Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching
  • Biblical Greek or Hebrew
  • New Testament Gospels
  • New Testament Epistles
  • Old Testament Narrative
  • Old Testament Poetry
  • Preaching
  • Teaching the Bible
  • Other biblical studies electives

Degree Programs:


Gracious Christian

The Great Conversation competency block helps students grow as gracious participants in a worldwide, multiethnic, multigenerational Christian communion as a reflection of God’s good news in the world.

Courses Include:

  • Being in the Story
  • Being in the Word
  • Being Human
  • Being Christian
  • Being Church
  • Being Mission

Degree Programs:

  • Included in all Seminary programs

Missional Pastor

Pastoral ministry competency block helps students grow as pastoral leaders who empower God’s people toward active participation in God’s mission of restoring wholeness to the world.

Courses include:

  • Worship
  • Care and Counsel
  • Pastoral Formation
  • Sharing Christ
  • Renewing Congregations
  • Other Ministry Electives

Degree Programs:


Spiritual Guide

Spiritual Formation and Direction competency block helps students grow as wise guides who attend to God’s activity in their own lives, the lives of others, and the world.

Courses include:

  • Calling and Vocation
  • 20 Centuries of Christian Faithfulness
  • Introduction to Personal and Spiritual Formation
  • Faith Development
  • Introduction to Spiritual Direction
  • Other spiritual formation and ministry courses

Degree Programs:


Transformational Leader

Transformational leadership competency block helps students grow as Christian leaders who champion transformation in organizations and communities.

Courses include:

  • Biblical Theology of Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Transformational Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning for Churches and Non-profit Organizations
  • Organizational Diagnosis and Change management
  • Finance, administration and human resource management
  • Other business and ministry courses

Degree Programs:


The Great Conversation Courses

At the center of our community is a great, ongoing conversation about what it looks like for each one of us to take up our place in God's ongoing work of restoring wholeness to the world.

Together we consider:

Being Christian

What it means to be Christian, especially in religiously plural contexts.

Being Church

The nature of God’s restorative grace in human life and the church as the people of God.

Being Human

What God's revelation in Jesus teaches us about being human persons.

Being in the Story

The story of God from creation to new creation and God’s intentions for the world.

Being in the Word

The Bible as God’s revelation; what God is communicating, how God communicates it, and how Scripture continues to speak today.

Being Mission

Theology and mission in a diverse, global context.

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