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Women's Giving Collective

A Community of Women Helping Women

Just as women financially supported Jesus’ ministry (Luke 8:1-3), the Women’s Giving Collective is committed to advancing God’s work at Roberts and Northeastern by inspiring and providing for women students through our financial resources.

While most people’s lives were affected by the pandemic, women’s jobs and livelihoods were more vulnerable. The pandemic made family resources more scarce, significantly impacting women-led households, in particular. Our female non-traditional and graduate students at Roberts and Northeastern are at greater risk of dropping out and not continuing their education.

Northeastern Seminary is a resource for pastors who are doing more than preach on Sunday morning. It is for those who are ministering and fill the social and economic voids of their community. Their programs teach the church to be the body of Christ by serving those who are struggling financially, the families that are split, the homeless youth, the drug addicted, and to respond to issues that go beyond knowing how to preach a sermon. 

Kayleigh Schumske, M.Div. ’16

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Why Focus on Women Students?

  • Women receive less federal and non-federal financial aid than their male classmates *

  • Non-traditional and graduate students are more likely to be balancing work, children and other obligations *

  • Financial stress causes students to feel as though they are better off dropping out to save money *

  • 52% of women dropouts leave for financial reasons compared to 41% of men *Financial

  • Women are less likely to complete their education after dropping out *

  • Only 13% of college dropouts come back within five years and even fewer graduate *National Student Clearinghouse

  • Single women are the highest debt carrying group at Northeastern Seminary. *Seminary Enrollment office

In addition to providing scholarships, the Women’s Giving Collective will also host semi-annual gatherings (virtual or in-person) where women donors and student scholarship recipients can encourage and inspire each other.

To qualify for membership in this unique community, donate $100 or more to support female non-traditional adult and graduate students at the College and Seminary.