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Give $500 or more to one of the funds listed on this page* and you will become part of the Northeastern Circle! When you’re in the Circle, you are connected to the President, faculty, staff and students. You receive exclusive benefits, invitations to special events and opportunities to expand your network. You are part of an elite group of people who all believe in Northeastern and the mission the seminary inspires. *excluding endowment funds

Northeastern Fund

Your gift to the Northeastern Fund is an investment that impacts the affordability and excellence of the Northeastern experience.

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Degree Funds

Keeping tuition costs low for our students means that only part of the operating costs are covered. In order to meet budget needs, we rely on the faithful support of our friends and alumni. You can support academic programs, departmental budgets, faculty, and more by designating your gift to one of the Seminary's five degrees.

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Distinction Funds

These funds support scholarships for recognizing two qualities that permeate our vision for the theological education: Accentuate Relevance and Embody Diversity.

Give to a Distinction Scholarship


Over 30 denominations and faith traditions are represented among Northeastern’s students. We are continually grateful for this diversity and celebrate the distinctions of faithful believers. The seminary experience is truly enriched when multiple voices can foster greater understanding—preparing students to minister in an increasingly diverse culture.

Give to a Denominational Scholarship

Endowed Funds

Your gift to one of our endowed funds is a gift that will keep on giving. Our endowment is invested and then every year a portion of these funds (currently 5%) is used to support the mission of the Seminary. Our growing endowment (now over $25M includes current endowment value for the Seminary) offers scholarship assistance, academic support, enlightening symposiums, and much more.

Please look through the list of over 150 funds currently supporting the Northeastern experience, and then make a gift that will last for generations to come.

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There are other funds you can choose to support. All help the Seminary and our students in different ways. Your gift truly makes a difference!

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