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Holy Land Trip

Northeastern Seminary Holy Land Study Tour

with Dr. Richard Middleton

Northeastern invites you...

to walk where Jesus walked.

Arrive in Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean coast and head north to Galilee to begin your tour through the Holy Land. Visit sites like Caesarea Philippi where Peter confessed that Jesus was Messiah, Jeroboam’s temple at Dan where he built the golden calf statues, and work your way down south to Masada with a free day at the En Gedi resort at the Dead Sea. 

Along the way, learn about the importance of the various archeological and pilgrimage sites, reflect on their relation to events in the Bible, and take the time to think about the significance of what you are seeing and learning for your own life.

Take communion on the Mount of Beatitudes. Renew your baptismal vows at the Jordan River where John baptized Jesus. Journey the roads where our Savior walked.

Join us for the next trip, December 29, 2023 - January 11, 2024

All-Inclusive Price starts at $4,203 from Rochester. The trip at a glance:

Day 1   – The Coastal Plain, Jezreel Valley, and Nazareth

Day 2   – Jesus’ Ministry Around the Sea of Galilee

Day 3   – Ancient and Modern Religion, Life, and Politics

Day 4   – Journey South: The Ancient Samaritan Hill Country

Day 5   – Sabbath in the Wilderness

Day 6   – Ancient Life in the Wilderness

Day 7   – From Wilderness to Hill Country

Day 8 – Ancient and Modern Jerusalem: History and Politics

Day 9 – Bethlehem

Day 10 – O Jerusalem!

Day 11 – The Old City and the Mount of Olives

Interested in Supporting Others?

Help make this trip possible for students and alumni

There are also limited opportunities for you to help make this once in a lifetime opportunity available for our students and faculty. If you would like to help offset the cost of this trip for faculty, staff or students with a tax deductible gift please contact William Mosier-Peterson at 585-594-6194 or use the giving form on this page. If you wish to designate your gift toward the Holy Land trip please mark that in the memo.