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Memorial Gift to NES

The Memorial Gifts Program of Northeastern Seminary

In each of our lives there are special people whose memory we would like to honor and perpetuate. Such revered individuals deserve to have their names and memories associated with worthy enterprises. That is the wonderful part of Northeastern Seminary's Memorial Gift Program. When you establish a memorial gift at Northeastern, not only will the honored person's memory be perpetuated, but also it will be forever linked with assisting deserving young people to acquire a quality education at a Christian institution.

Memorial Fund for Spiritual Formation

Northeastern Seminary has established The Memorial Fund for Spiritual Formation, created in memory of several Seminary friends and family who have died and gone to be with the Lord. The purpose of the fund is to give people the opportunity to remember their loved ones in a meaningful way that supports the personal faith and spiritual development of people preparing for ministry at Northeastern Seminary.

Gifts may be given to the Memorial Fund for Spiritual Formation in memory of anyone. Those who are remembered with memorial gifts of $2,000 or more have their names engraved on a plaque that hangs in the main floor hallway of Northeastern Seminary. Gifts to the fund should be directed to Northeastern Seminary, c/o Development, 2265 Westside Drive , Rochester , NY 14624-1997 . Please indicate that the gift is for the Memorial Fund for Spiritual Formation and the name of the person in whose memory it is being given. If you have questions, please contact Marna Distaffen at 585.594.6500.

Endowed Scholarship Memorial Gifts

You may establish an Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund with a minimum donation of $20,000 to Northeastern Seminary. Your gift will be invested and a portion of the earnings* will be awarded as an annual scholarship. As the donor, in concert with the Seminary's Office of Development, you will determine the process to be used in identifying and selecting scholarship recipients prior to establishment of your memorial scholarship fund. In the future, the Office of Development will monitor the implementation of your wishes concerning your memorial scholarship and report to you as needed.

Special Project Memorial Gifts

You may choose to provide funding for a special project that will improve the quality of life on the Northeastern campus. The project may even identify with the special interests of the person(s) being memorialized. The actual project will be determined after you meet with a Seminary representative and the project is approved by the Office of Development. A minimum gift of $10,000 is suggested for project sponsorship, and funding can be arranged over a period of two or three years, if desired. Along with recognition in the Seminary's Heritage Centre (see "Recognition" below), the person(s) honored will also be memorialized with a permanent plaque at the project site.

NES Scholarship Fund Memorial Gifts

  • Current, non-endowed memorial gifts of any amount are gratefully received to the NES Fund.
  • You may establish an endowed memorial gift for the NES Fund with a minimum gift of $2,000. Your gift will be invested and the earnings* will be awarded each year to the NES Fund.
  • The following wording is suggested if you wish to include the NES Scholarship Fund in your will or other estate planning documents:

I give $______ or ___% of my estate to Northeastern Seminary as a designated  gift for the establishment of the John and Mary Doe Memorial NES Fund Endowment.

  • Yearly interest income from Endowed NES Fund Memorial Gifts will be credited to the NES Fund in the names of the persons memorialized and for their classes (if they are alumni). Their names will be published each year in the Seminary's Annual Report.

* Earnings will be paid out in accordance with the Total Return Policy, which is based on a formula determined periodically by the Seminary's Investment Committee to prevent erosion of the principal.


  • Memorial Gifts of Any Amount 
    The name(s) of the person(s) memorialized will be included in the Seminary's Annual Report to alumni and friends in the fiscal year the gift is made.
  • Endowed Memorial Gifts of $2,000 or More 
    In addition to the above, the person memorialized will be honored at the Heritage Centre through a plaque plate and biographical tribute placed in the Memorial Gift Book.
  • Planned Memorial Gifts 
    In addition to the above, a Planned Memorial Gift (such as through an endowed scholarship, will, trust, gift annuity, life insurance policy, or similar arrangement) entitles the donor to membership in the Heritage Society. Members of the Heritage Society are listed in the Annual Report to alumni and friends. They also receive an attractive pin denoting their membership, and are annually invited to an event with the President.
  • Heritage Centre 
    The Heritage Centre is a place dedicated to those special, caring people in whose names memorial gifts (of $2,000 or more) have been established at Northeastern Seminary by a family member or friend. Their names are etched on a Memorial Plaque and remembered through a written tribute in the Centre's Memorial Book.
  • The Heritage Society 
    Through the Heritage Society, Northeastern Seminary recognizes those alumni and friends who make memorial planned gifts (such as bequest designations, gift annuities, life insurance gifts and trust gifts). Society membership is extended to any person who informs the Seminary in writing that his/her actions will result in a planned gift.

Memorial Gift Funding Options

Memorial gifts may be established in a variety of ways and with various capital assets.

  • Cash 
    A gift of cash is probably your least complicated and most beneficial option. Not only is cash immediately effective and simple to give, but this contribution is deductible up to an amount equal to 50% of your adjusted gross income. Any excess deductions may be distributed over five additional tax years.
  • Securities 
    Gifts of securities (publicly traded stocks, many bonds and mutual funds) provide excellent savings. Generally, when you make a gift of such property that has increased in value and has been owned long enough to be considered long-term capital gain property, you will avoid having to pay tax on the increased value. You will also be able to claim a deduction for the full value of the security as of the gift date, rather than the smaller amount you originally paid for.
  • Planned Gifts 
    Few people are in the financial position of being able to give large financial gifts without regard for the possible impact such giving may have on their own or their families' needs. This does not preclude their potential for making substantial gifts, however. You have several options for making memorial gifts while protecting your income and security. Options include Gift Annuities, Charitable Trusts, and similar plans. Contact the Office of Planned Giving for information.
  • By Bequest 
    Consider naming Northeastern Seminary to receive a bequest from your estate, such as a percentage of the residue after loved ones are provided for.
  • Through Life Insurance 
    By the time your life insurance matures, it may no longer be needed for its original purpose because of changes in your family's needs. This may provide a good opportunity for using a portion of the insurance to make a gift to Northeastern. For example, you can designate Northeastern Seminary to receive all or a portion of proceeds designated for beneficiaries who are not living to receive it. It is also possible, of course, to take out a new life insurance policy naming the Seminary as beneficiary or co-beneficiary. This can result in income tax benefits and assure a larger gift than might otherwise be possible.
  • Through Retirement Plans 
    As wills and life insurance do, many retirement plans provide means for giving what remains after your primary beneficiaries have been provided for. It is generally simple, for example, to name a charitable beneficiary to receive what remains from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) if you and your dependents do not use all of its funds. Check with the financial institution handling your account. Many qualified employee pension and profit-sharing plans also provide for the naming of charitable beneficiaries. Ask your employer for a "change of beneficiary" form or contact our Office of Planned Giving for assistance.


Remembering an alum or friend of Northeastern through a memorial gift provides a meaningful expression of one's appreciation for the individual so honored. Northeastern Seminary is deeply grateful for such gifts.

If you choose to make a cash gift now, you may proceed by sending your gift along with the name of the individual being memorialized. Please include your name, address, phone number, and relationship to the person being honored. Send your gift to:

Office of Planned Giving

Northeastern Seminary

2265 Westside Drive

Rochester , New York 14624-1997 
1.800.777.4792 or 1.585.594.6505

To inquire further about Memorial Gift Program opportunities described above, click here:

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