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Since the inception of the seminary, we have depended on the assistance of alumni and friends of the seminary to spread the word about Northeastern Seminary. We have been blessed with a tremendous group of alumni, pastors, superintendents, bishops, and board members who have let others know about our programs and ministry conferences.

If you share our excitement about what is happening at NES, become a seminary ambassador and spread the word about what is happening in and through Northeastern Seminary. So, what does it mean to assist the seminary in this way? Below are several creative ways you can help.

Speakers Bureau - One hallmark of this institution is its committed faculty. These men and women faithfully minister investing their time and resources not only in students at NES, but as part of a Speakers Bureau which offers their expertise to the community. If you work with churches that could utilize NES faculty to fill a pulpit or conduct a conference or retreat, I encourage you to look over the topics and experienced speakers in the Speakers Bureau and let others know about this great resource. Truly this is a partnership in which NES invests in the community, while letting others experience the excellent professors who have dedicated so many years of their life to teaching the Christian faith.

Highlight Education Events - Each year, Northeastern Seminary offers educational events and classes that are open to the public. As a seminary ambassador, we encourage you to distribute information wherever you think appropriate-bulletin boards, church bulletins, electronic announcements, Facebook friends, personal distribution lists. One pastor even paid for registration at a ministry event in effort to equip leaders from his congregation. To see what events are coming next, please visit our event page. To see what classes are being offered see annual course schedule.

Encourage Local and Regional Partnerships - A growing number of people and churches have experienced the benefits of a pastor or lay leader who attended Northeastern Seminary. And many churches and denominations have a vision for valuing and utilizing seminarians who have been more fully prepared to give back to others through their graduate education and life-long learning opportunities. As a seminary ambassador, we encourage you to speak with your pastor and/or denomination bishop/superintendent about partnering with NES to equip the next generation of seminary trained pastors and lay leaders.

Taking another approach to partnership might be to investigate a collaborative effort between your church and NES in hosting ministry development events. Many churches already sponsor such events and it may make sense to share in the effort. If you would be interested in discussing ways we have seen denominations or churches encourage seminary enrollment or that NES could partner on events, please contact the associate vice president for communication and enrollment.

NES Representative - As a seminary ambassador, you can encourage interest in seminary education at your church or denomination is by inviting a NES representative speak to about the academic programs, events, and outcomes. We would be happy to come to your event or church and speak to people about the things to consider when looking into seminary. Please contact the admissions office if interested.

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