Our students are overcoming today's challenges with generous giving from donors like you!

Your gift to Northeastern Seminary provides Seminary students with needed scholarships and budgetary support, making a Seminary education accessible to current and future students. 


Why give?

Because the need is real.

"As a father of eight—and a family of 10—there are no words to express how grateful our family is for the support through this scholarship. It is allowing me to pursue academic excellence in seminary. It truly makes a difference in my life." —Patrick Lenney, M.Div.

Because every gift matters.

"Since answering the call I have continuously rested my prayers and faith in the arms of God as it pertains to the needed financial support for graduate studies. Simply put, this is an answered prayer. By this scholarship, I am reminded that God listens to the prayers of his children and he promises never to leave us on this journey of faith. Now, through service or scholarship, I intend to give back and help remind someone else that God listens and responds." —Torrance Jones, M.A. Theological Studies

Because the mission is significant.

"It is through the generosity and kindness of folks like you who make the difficult journey of seminary just that much more of a blessing. I hope to reflect this kindness to others as I continue on my path, and someday look back on this time with appreciation and satisfaction for all that has been done for me by the seminary community." —Justin A. Esposito, M.Div.

Because we can make a difference.

"Thank you so very much for the generosity that led to a scholarship for me. Wow. This was another answered prayer for me in my quest to pursue an M.Div., and as I answer God’s call in my life. This scholarship is … such a blessing and help." —Cindy Schulte, M.Div.

"This gift is an important resource for me and my family as we carry a heavy financial weight while both my wife and I are pursuing our master's degrees. Not only will it make our financial situation easier, it will also give us peace of mind allowing us to place more of our attention and efforts in our education." —Mark Slomski, M.A. Theological Studies

Because it strengthens our community. 

"God’s call on me to attend seminary was very clear and became clearer still when I toured Northeastern and learned more about the programs. Soon I will have my degree and am looking forward to doing God’s work in the local community. This would not be possible without such a commitment to supporting students like me." —Kim Pantoliano, M.A. Theology and Social Justice 

Make a Gift
Northeastern has dropped our percentage of students borrowing to 54 percent (a 6-year low). We need your help to make this even lower so no man or woman who wants a seminary education will have to assume financial debt.

Through the continued generous support of alumni and friends, more students can experience the transforming effect of a Northeastern education. By designating to give to a program specific fund, your investment supports ministry initiatives, spiritual formation experiences, library resources, and more. But in order for that to happen, we need everyone. And every sized gift.

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Rebecca McColl
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Max McGinnis
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