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February 21

Wisdom literature does not typically come from visions, heavenly voices, or angels but rather from human reflection on the world.

Eric D. Barreto and Michael J. Chan, Exploring The Bible: Foundations for Learning


An Active Spiritul Life

An alumnus of Northeastern Seminary, Reverend Gerald Coleman (affectionately known as “Pastor G”) serves as the Campus Pastor at Roberts Wesleyan University as well as the Director of the Office of Spiritual Life. Additionally, he serves as the Senior Pastor of Mount Carmel Church in Chicago, IL. In this video, Pastor G. shares from his own experience what it means to keep your spiritual life alive while in school, especially in the context of being assigned a lot of readings that are not ones you would normally pick! He also shares the importance of allowing seminary to form you not only in terms of what you know, but who you are becoming.