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Ash Wednesday

While it is God who blesses the people in benediction, it is the people who bless and praise God in acts of adoration and doxology. The presbuteroi (elders, priests) act on behalf of the mediator between sinners and God.

Thomas Oden, Classic Christianity: A Systematic Theology

Ash Wednesday is a holy day of prayer and fasting in many Western Christian denominations. It marks the first day of Lent, the six weeks of penitence before Easter. 

Below are ways you can participate in Ash Wednesday with the Northeastern Seminary & Roberts Wesleyan Community.

a photo of Doug Cullum



Dr. Doug Cullum will be speaking at chapel for the Roberts Wesleyan and Northeastern Seminary community.

Chapel begins at 11 am in Hale Auditorium on Roberts Wesleyan Campus.

Roberts students must attend chapels in person if they want the chapel credit.

Hands praying over the Bible


Pray slowly over two verses in today's reading. What words or images move you? Consider: Who is God for me? How does God see me?

Prayer has far more to do with what God wants to do in us than with our trying to “reach” or “realize,” still less “entertain,” God in prayer. This truth eliminates anxiety and concern as to the success or non-success of our prayer, for we can be quite certain that, if we want to pray and give the time to prayer, God is always successful and that is what matters. . . . What we think of as our search for God is, in reality, a response to the divine Lover drawing us to himself. There is never a moment when divine Love is not at work. . . . This work is nothing other than a giving of the divine Self in love. The logical consequence for us must surely be that our part is to let ourselves be loved, let ourselves be given to, let ourselves be worked upon by this great God and made capable of total union with Him.

—Ruth Burrows, Essence of Prayer