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Main Office: 585.594.6800
Fax: 585.594.6801 



Anderson, JP
Associate Vice President for Enrollment or 585.594.6832

Blankenship, Michael
Director of Marketing or 585.594.6804

Brown, Kristen
Executive Director of Seminary Administration or 585.594.6803

Cullum, Doug
Vice President and Dean or 585.594.6331

Erickson, Marilyn
Coordinator of Academic Planning or 585.594.6497

Gilluly, Maria
Communication and Events Coordinator or 585.594.6420

Kettinger, Kirk
Director of Alumni Relations or 585.594.6415

Ross, Monica
Admissions Liaison or 585.594.6802

Sharp, Faith
Academic Administrative Assistant or 585.594.6623 

Starr, Carrie
Director of Seminary Advancement or 585.594.6257

Sykora, Josef
Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program or 585.594.6820

Woodard, Kym
Assistant to Vice President and Dean or 585.594.6807


Academic Support Office:  585.594.6623

Basinger, Dr. David
Professor of Philosophy and Ethics or 585.594.6570

Brown, Kristen
Assistant Professor of Church and Mission or 585.594.6803

Caton, Dr. Scott
Professor of History and Culture or 585.594.6336

Cullum, Dr. Douglas
Professor of Historical and Pastoral Theology or 585.594.6331

Gerhardt, Dr. Elizabeth
Professor of Theology and Social Ethics or 585.594.6607

Grimm, Dr. Nelson
Director of Field Education
Associate Professor of Applied Theology or 585.594.6068

Letterman, Dr. Rebecca
Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation or 585.594.6572

McCaulley, Dr. Esau
Assistant Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity or 585.594.6582

Middleton, Dr. J. Richard
Professor of Biblical Worldview and Exegesis or 585.594.6971

Sykora, Josef
Assistant Professor of Biblical Interpretation or 585.594.6820