Research Methodology (RES)


Theological Research

Credits: 2

This course introduces the theory and practice of research in theological disciplines. Students will consider the role of research as a Christian ministry practice and the various forms research takes. The course includes practical skill development in theological bibliography, research, and writing. This course is required for the MA (Theological Studies) program and may be taken as an elective in other programs by petition.



Continuation of Registration for Master’s Thesis

Credits: 0

Fee: $250

Students who have registered for M.A. or M.Div. Thesis (BIB/HST/MIN/PSF/SOC/THE 699NE) in a previous semester but who have not completed the thesis project will automatically be registered for this continuation course every subsequent semester until the completion of the master’s thesis. The $250 fee will automatically be applied to the student’s account each semester. The fee keeps a student’s ID and IT services active during the thesis research and writing process. Students who do not wish to complete the thesis project should file a withdrawal form with the coordinator of academic planning to avoid this charge.