Business (BUS)


Organizational Diagnosis and Change Management          

Credits: 3

This course examines the structural and environmental forces that influence management processes within organizations. Students will learn how to identify an organization’s type, relative readiness for change, and appropriate intervention and change strategies. Issues examined include power and resistance, human motivation and behavior, intervention in systems, group dynamics, team building, and the creation of change-oriented cultures.



Human Resource Development  

Credits: 1

This course gives students the opportunity to study the most recent thinking on building competitive advantage through human resource development. An integrated portfolio of topic areas and the opportunity to present current, relevant strategies and resources in today’s organizations are focused upon throughout the course.



Finance for Nonprofits

Credits: 1

This course is designed to help administrators understand the fundamentals of finance and the complexities of non-profit financial responsibilities. The process of developing personal and organizational budgets will be discussed. Students will understand necessary practices for handling monies, record keeping, controlling expenditures, and auditing. Students will be taught how to read and interpret financial statements.



Nonprofit Administration

Credits: 1

The course explores the biblical, historical, and theological roots of leadership and the work of administration. Course participants work on the development of skills in the areas of organizational management, organizational development, and mission planning.


BUS 695

Independent Study in Business

 Credits: 1-3

Under the guidance of a professor, the student pursues independent research in a specific topic of business as it applies to a ministry setting.

[Prerequisite: advisor and instructor approval required and a GPA of 3.0]