Conference on Ministry

Leading Like Jesus:  the embodiment of servant leadership in today’s divided culture

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  • How do we serve and lead like Jesus in a consumer-driven, anxious, divided, and information overloaded culture?
  • How do we serve and lead in a post-truth social environment where words mean little and passions rage high?
  • Since Jesus came in the flesh to carry God's message of love and mission in his body how might our ministries be enlivened?

In four sessions, Dr. MaryKate Morse presents the keys to embodied servant leadership by reflecting on the stories of Jesus and presenting practical ways to minister and work more effectively today. Sessions offer time in discovery and development to unveil the kind of power we each hold for leading in ways that are life-giving and reflect the person of Jesus Christ.

MaryKate MorseDr. MaryKate Morse is professor of leadership and spiritual formation at Portland Seminary in Portland, Ore. Morse works to design program curriculum and retreats for leaders in ministry including online learning experiences. In addition to her work at Portland Seminary, Morse is an author of multiple publications including Making Room for Leadership: Power, Space, and Influence and A Guidebook to Prayer. She is a sought-after conference and retreat speaker traveling across the United States.


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