Lifestyle Statement

Northeastern Seminary seeks students whose lives are characterized by personal integrity and a devotion to high academic and ethical standards. Applicants must present evidence of their readiness for graduate studies in theology. They must also meet additional admissions criteria including, but not limited to, quality of character, spiritual and acceptable conduct.


Northeastern Seminary is part of a Christian tradition that values diversity in thought and behavior, but believes some practices in contemporary society do not represent the biblical ideal. The Seminary expects its students to refrain from questionable behaviors such as sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage, viewing pornography, and sexual harassment. The use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco are not permitted on the College campus or in Seminary-related activities.

Northeastern Seminary expects its faculty, staff, and students to respect the standards of the Seminary, and to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with them. It also encourages them to find positive and practical ways in which the Seminary can support and minister to the Northeastern Seminary community.