Extending the Impact and Perpetuating the Mission

As a graduate or community member of Northeastern Seminary, you are the expert on identifying those who would benefit from the Northeastern experience. Your first-hand knowledge of the Seminary’s commitment to academic excellence, spiritual formation, and ministerial development provides tangible ways of articulating the value of learning in this community. And sharing this with prospective students can have a significant effect as we look to serve others who are seeking to advance the redeeming work of Christ in the world.

Please consider recommending Northeastern Seminary to friends or colleagues who would be well served by our theological education and ministerial preparation. If you think they would be a great fit with the mission and degree programs, encourage them to apply and to connect with Seminary admissions staff so we can assist them in their discernment.

Your referral can be the bridge that allows someone else to take the next step.

Help us connect with them.

Please complete and submit the above form. Seminary admissions staff will reach out to the individual and provide helpful information about graduate theological study at Northeastern Seminary.