Accelerated Program Option

While the regular course load allows for students to balance a full-time work load with graduate classes, some seminary students have some additional flexibility in their schedules and are interested in shortening the amount of time it takes to complete a master's degree. Toward this end Northeastern Seminary offers an accelerated track for qualified students. The chart below highlights the number of years it can take a student to complete a program under each track.


Theological Studies

Theology and Social Justice
Transformational Leadership


Regular Track

3 years

2.5 years

4 years

Accelerated Track

2 years


3 years

Important factors to consider relative to the accelerated track:

  • Accelerated schedule does not begin until the second semester of the first year to ensure that program workload can be assessed before pursuing additional classes
  • For the first two years in the accelerated schedule the student takes classes in the summer term and additional classes along with the Core for semesters two, three, and four
  • Students who decide to pursue the accelerated track should understand the financial implications of taking more credits within an academic year and the related impact on financial aid