Transfer Credit

Northeastern Seminary seeks to recognize the prior graduate-level academic accomplishments of its students through the following transfer policies. Students desiring transfer credit should take initiative during the admissions process to submit official transcripts for evaluation to determine whether or not the credits can be applied to their program.

Transfer Policy

  • Graduate-level credits taken at an Association of Theological School (ATS)-accredited or regionally-accredited institution within eight years of enrolling at Northeastern Seminary will be considered for transfer
  • Credits earned at an ATS-accredited seminary/graduate school with a grade of C+ (2.3 on a 4.0 scale) or higher or a non-ATS seminary/graduate school with a grade of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher will be eligible for transfer consideration
  • Transfer credits for the M.A. electives will be limited to 12 credits and must be ministry related
  • Transfer credit for the M.Div. electives will be limited to 18 credits and must be ministry related
  • Once evaluated and approved by the director of field education, one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) may be transferred for six credits (M.Div.) or three credits (M.A.) of field education
  • No more than two-thirds of the credits required for a Northeastern Seminary degree may be granted on the basis of transfer credit, subject to the limitations noted above
  • Credit from a previously earned graduate degree may be considered for transfer, but no more than half of the credits required for the previously earned degree may be transferred into a Northeastern Seminary program
  • Transfer credit will not be accepted as a substitute for, or waiver of, the Northeastern Seminary capstone requirements. Rarely will credit be granted for the Great Conversation competency or for PSF 611NE or PSF 612NE

Advanced Standing

Northeastern Seminary follows advanced standing guidelines established by the faculty in accordance with ATS standards.

Advanced standing without credit:

  • Allows for the waiver of a specific course requirement in the M.Div. curriculum based on undergraduate preparation in the same area of study
  • Course must appear to replicate the Northeastern Seminary requirement in content, have a transcript listing of 300-level or higher and a recorded grade of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Limited to a maximum of 12 credits in the M.Div. program and may not fulfill the biblical language requirement
  • Available to students in the M.A. in Theology and Social Justice and the M.A. in Transformational Leadership for select non-elective courses by special petition only
  • Does not apply to the M.A. Theological Studies curriculum

Advanced standing with credit:

  • Based on evaluation of competence via testing
  • Score of 80% or higher required on each advanced standing exam for credit to be granted
  • Fee of $25 per credit will be incurred when the credit is posted to the student’s transcript
  • Limited to one-fourth of the total credits required for the degree
  • Except in certain articulated agreements, advanced standing credit may not be used as a substitute for or waiver of the Seminary's Great Conversation competency, field education, or capstone requirements